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Industry User Registration is open to retailers, distributors, manfacturers, marketers, agencies and others involved in the Australian Shopping industry. Registration gives you the ability to participate in some ShoppingGuide promotions and to submit content for possible inclusion on such as our New Arrivals section.

Please complete the form below to request registration.

  • Terms of registration

    • I declare the above information is true and correct.
    • Acceptance of registration is at the discretion of
    • Registration may be terminated at the discretion of
    • Industry users agree not to submit defamatory or offensive content.
    • Industry users agree to only submit content and images that they are legally authorised to submit and share.
    • Industry users understand that any submitted content and / or images may be published by ShoppingGuide. This permission survives termination of registration.
    • Industry users give permission to ShoppingGuide to use submitted content and images as well as content and images from their main and additional websites.
    • Industry users agree to defend and hold harmless from any legal action over content or images submitted.

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