Pitt St Mall Goes Smoke Free

The City of Sydney on 26 September 2016 has implemented a smoking ban in Pitt Street Mall (between Market and King streets)

The move follows the City’s successful year-long smoke-free trial in Martin Place where 4 out of 5 people we surveyed said they wanted the Martin Place trial made permanent and extended to other areas.

Woops! Someone forgot the ash trays!
Woops! Someone forgot the ash trays!

Numerous signs and warnings are placed at entrances and around the mall to alert pedestrians to the new smoke-free zone including although we still see a few people lighting up presumably as yet unaware of the ban and we note cigarette ash trays are still present above rubbish bins.

It has long been a concern of ours regarding the lingering smoke plume in Pitt St Mall to the point that around lunch time especially we would avoid walking through the mall.

Well done City of Sydney!

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