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Articture Moon Light

Price: $99

Take in the magical beauty of the moon with this stunning Moon Lamp.

Made with an amazingly detailed 3-D lunar landscape that adds a unique and modern touch to your desk.

The light is mobile and rechargeable. Makes for a great nightlight or use it as an amazing prop to teach your kids about the moon!


• Mobile and rechargeable
• Made with a plastic body and wooden holder
• Available in sizes from 15cm (Regular size) to 20cm (Large Size) in diameter
• Adjustable colours

New Samsung Galaxy Watch for 2020 Around the Corner

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch is just around the corner expected to be release in August 2020 along-side the new Note phone. Leaks reveal the watch is likely to be called the Galaxy Watch3.

If you can’t wait you can pickup the existing Galaxy Watch for a bargain with a massive $200 off at JBHifi

2-minute Pizza?

The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is the first domestic benchtop oven to hit 400°C and brings you “Brick oven performance at a fraction of the cost”. That cost is still over $1000 but if you are after an oven that can also warm the house this might be what you are looking for!

It replicates the three types of heat generated by a brick oven – conductive, radiant and convective – giving you an authentic wood fired style pizza in 2 minutes.

Gourmet Kitchen Perfect Tear Paper Towel Holder


Make sure you have paper towels at hand for life’s little emergencies this this great one-handed pull holder.

The perfectly weighted base and non-slip bottom keep the holder in place and balanced while a spring design holds the towel in place while friction allows you to pull just as much as you need – with one hand!

Key Features:
Suitable for regular and jumbo sized rolls
35.5cm (H) x 18cm (D)
Weighted base
Patented soft rubber top and bottom knobs for friction for one handed pull
Brushed stainless steel

Lovin Summer Bondi Beach Tent


No offence BCF, Rays, Anaconda but when we next need a beach tent we are gonna go for some summer lovin!

Lovin Summer’s beach tents offer sun protection to keep the whole family in some great shade.

In fact, you can relax under 5.9m² of sun protection with UPF 40 blocking 97.5% of UV.

Designed in Australia, these versatile shades are suitable for grass or sand.

Heaps of shade!
Heaps of shade!

Styles include:

Bondi (as shown)
South Beach

Looks great!
Looks great!

Easily assembled by one person in minutes with multiple set up positions.


All components included. 100% cotton canvas.

Difficult to choose!

Hunt Leather Calfskin Desk Mat


There are certain luxury items everyone should own at some point in their lives.

An expensive timepiece. A quality suit. And a luxurious leather desk mat.

A leather luxury, the Hunt leather calfskin desk mat (available in black and orange) is traditional desk mat that makes either a gorgeous gift or an investment for yourself that will last a lifetime.

In beautiful quality cowhide, with just the right amount of padding, it makes a supremely nice surface for writing while protecting your desk. It can also act as one great big damn mousepad!


Flyte Levitating Table Lamp


This awesome (albeit not cheap) lamp uses magnetic levitation to float above it’s wireless power source. Originally a kickstarter project by a levitation obsessed inventor Simon Morris, the lamp has now been named one of the 25 best inventions of 2016 by Time Magazine.

It took me a few goes go position the bulb over the base successfully but it’s quite easy and doesn’t take long to master.

A little touch on the sustainably sourced wooden base turns the light on and off.

Can’t wait till Simon brings us the hover-board!



Kett Ballina Bed


Beautiful and clean bed executed in timber.

With the warmth and comfort of fabric or leather upholstery, the Ballina bed offers substance and a striking contemporary style for your home.

Made in Australia and with a selection of finishes available.




Smeg Retro Slow Juicer


Classic Smeg retro style slow juicer including stainless steel ball lever, 43rpm slow squeezing, juice density regulating lever and 150W of grunt.

Available in Australia in Panna Cream and Pastel Blue.

Accessories Include:
‐ Strainers (fine and coarse)
‐ 1 pusher
‐ 1 juice container (1 Lt)
‐ 1 pulp container (1.6 Lt)
‐ 2 cleaning brushes
‐ 1 recipe book with 12 recipes and recommendations

Panna Cream with some really delicious looking fruit.

Panna Blue
Pastel Blue

Freddy WR.UP Denim


Looking for the perfect fit? Try Freddy WR.UP Denim.

Freddy WR.UP technology is claimed to be set apart from anything you have ever worn before.